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What happens when I login with GitHub?

We value Trust and have designed D2X Launchpad to be transparent and secure.

D2X Launchpad uses two separate GitHub Apps, one for identity and one used only temporarily during project creation. The GitHub Apps are:

  • MuseLab D2X Launchpad: Used only for identity and listing orgs in the form.
  • MuseLab D2X Launchpad - Worker: Used only during project creation. Requires a grant of repository write and delete access which is revoked and deleted after project creation succeeds or fails.

You can review which applications have access to your GitHub account and revoke them in your settings on GitHub. We'll also provide you this link after your create a project.

-- Your friends at MuseLab

What is D2X?

D2X is an open-source framework for running Salesforce development projects that are deeply integrated with the full capabilities of GitHub. With D2X, projects define a consistent runtime environment for automation used in development, test, release, and delivery. D2X lets teams deliver repeatable, composable Salesforce products and solutions. MuseLab created D2X as the framework for all of our services engagements, and we are proud to share it freely with the entire Salesforce ecosystem.

D2X consists of:

By using the same environment for development, testing, and delivery, D2X ensures that the code that is tested and delivered is the same code that was developed.

Watch a demo of D2X in action: